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Wild About CROW Gala

I just love CROW out on Sanibel. When someone finds an injured critter from sea turtles to ibis to racoons ..they take them to C.R.O.W for rehab. The animals are nursed back to health heck they even do blood transfusions and then released back in the wild. Sometimes it takes days, other times months and rarely they can't because the injury is so severe it would limit them from returning to the wild safely. In those instances they become animal ambassadors and you can meet them out at CROW. Their visitors center is outstanding and very kid friendly. I did a tour and fell in love.

I also got the chance to get to know and become fast friends with the Director Alison Hussey. She asked me to emcee their Gala 'Wild About Crow' at the downtown Fort Myers historic Burroughs Home and Gardens.

While I was at CROW I got to go behind the scenes (it was for a news story) and see their green sea turtles getting rehabbed. That's what I decided to paint for their live auction. The piece was sold to the wonderful Geoff and Robbie Roepstorff. (Its the first of two paintings of mine they would come to own.)

I included a bunch of pictures from the night, my friend Bree was my date (husband had to watch kiddos) and my parents. It was such a fun night filled with great friends all around.


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