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Rachel Pierce

Mom.  Wife.  Artist.

Rachel Pierce is a lifelong artist and long-time TV journalist who recently left the anchor desk to focus full-time on her artwork.

Based in Sanibel Island, Florida, Rachel paints bright, modern original art in oil and acrylic reflecting the natural beauty and abundant wildlife found only in tropical Southwest Florida.

From her abstract beachscapes to her joyful underwater tableaus, Rachel's colorful coastal creations feature swimming sea creatures - like loggerhead turtles, manatee, jellyfish, sharks, seahorses and octopi; soaring shorebirds and wading flamingos; technicolor palm trees and florals; gators, mollusks, mermaids, and more.


"I'm a happy, positive person and I think it comes through in my artwork. When you see one of my pieces, I hope it makes you smile!"


Rachel sells and exhibits her fine art originals at the Rachel Pierce Art Gallery located in Sanibel Island, Florida, as  well as on her website,, along with a variety of collectible prints and notecards.

During her time as a trusted TV news anchor, Rachel gathered a large and supportive fanbase, and her social media following across Facebook, lnstagram and YouTube continues growing day by day, piece by piece.

She is a prolific painter, and occasionally, she livestreams her painting sessions to enthusiastic online audiences, combining her artistic talents with her extensive on-camera experience.

While Rachel plans to continue painting every single day - living a dream she set aside many moons ago - she envisions continued creative collaboration with other innovative artisans and investors on everything from limited edition collections in high-end boutiques and galleries to wearable art, homewares, and accessories available in select department stores.

Florida fun for everyone - by Rachel Pierce.

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A lifelong artist, Rachel grew up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and went to college in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where art classes were a major focus of her studies.

Ultimately, it was her passion for journalism that launched her on a 19-year career - 17 of those as a TV desk anchor - first in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, followed by Omaha and Des Moines, and finally Fort Myers, Florida, where she currently resides with her husband and their four young children.


Rachel's return to art was unexpected. As an active member of the community and a well-known TV personality in Southwest Florida, she is asked to emcee dozens of local events every year. In 2018 she was invited to be a celebrity painter and create a design on a large ceramic platter for a fundraising auction benefiting a local non-profit.

It wasn't long before commission requests started, and within a year of selling her first painting, what had begun as a passion and faded into an occasional hobby was now quickly becoming a second career.

After selling dozens of pieces and donating dozens more, Rachel decided to step away from the anchor desk and fulfill her first dream - becoming a full-time artist.

Though she loved her career in journalism - maybe not those daily 2 a.m. alarms - being an artist means painting whenever she wants while, most importantly, being home to raise her four children with her husband.

"This is a short video shot inside my home studio about myself, my art, my passion, and finding your passion.  (Update: Added another child since this was filmed!)"

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