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Why Get One When You Can Order Three?

Ginger reached out after seeing me paint live on Facebook. We talked on the phone and decided I'd stop by and see her space and we talk ideas/colors and such. At first she was thinking she wanted a mermaid. But after I got to her home we decided I'd paint over an existing painting because she really just bought it for the cool coastal frame. So in that piece she wanted 5 sea turtles for their family of five. She also had this wall leading to the hall and I did two companion octopus paintings. She liked one she saw on the website with all the bright colors. Actually the three painting I did for her all have the exact same colors except the octopus paintings I added some florescent pink as well.

I ended up making the canvas to go in the frame and it worked out great.

She and her family love them! Thanks for the order Ginger!

Here's me painting one of the octopus live:

And the other octopus:

Finished pieces:

Delivery Day!

Up in their new home!


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