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Going Florida Style x4!

It's so great connecting to folks new to Florida or using Florida as a new vacation home. They are excited about all things Florida, just like me! I recently met with a client who built a beautiful new vacation home. I walked around their home with them and gave them different ideas for artwork and they told me what they liked from my website. I ended up painting four for their home. We had a fun little (during the pandemic) reveal party. I did it live on Facebook, unfortunately the audio didn't work. Man, bummer. But they were so excited about their art! And better yet, they are just the nicest folks and we had so much in common. They are now attending a local non-profit event with me. How cool to make new friends in this process!

First the video of the reveal, minus the audio. Bummer.

Photos after the reveal:

Photos of the artwork up in their new home:


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