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Swimming Through the Coral Reef Original

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The grace of the Sea Turtle is unmatched in the vast waters of the ocean. Rachel Pierce seeks to capture that grace through her paintbrush, as she uses each brushstroke to create captivating and realistic depictions of the sea turtle in a magnitude of unique moments.

A new Rachel Pierce original painting, Swimming Through the Coral Reef, captivates you with a lone turtle leisurely wading with its paddle-shaped flippers amidst a neon coral reef. Pops of vibrant green, yellow, pink, and orange contrast gorgeously against the deep midnight blue background, while bringing out the subtle shades of green throughout the body of the turtle.

Rachel's original turtle artwork is always a best-selling part of her collection and each is uniquely one-of-a-kind. Art to bring joy and inspiration in any space you display it. If the original is calling you, you can grab it here on our website while it lasts, or call our gallery line to schedule an appointment to see Rachel's work in person: 2392923327

Original Acrylic on Canvas, 48"x30".

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