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Caught on the Causeway 2 (Flamingos) Original

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Rachel Pierce and her four kids found themselves caught on the causeway, in a moment of their lifetimes, as a swatch of pink caught their eyes. Post Hurricane Idalia, the Pierce family set out to check on the Rachel Pierce Art Gallery and stumbled upon a flamboyance of FLAMINGOS!

Likely blown off course from the storm, a group of Flamingos chose the Sanibel Causeway as their resting ground. The flamingos have since been spotted in other areas of Sanibel Island and along the west coast of Florida. We're hoping our magical visitors decide to stay and develop their own population here in our peaceful paradise.

Inspired by her sighting of something so rare, in true Rachel Pierce fashion, she has created two new original paintings to share her excitement of this moment with all of you.

Catch this painting to feel the excitement of this moment in your own home or office, and share the tale of the Causeway Flamingos that blessed our island after another Hurricane. Get just one or grab the pair! This is piece was created in coordination with Rachel's "Caught on the Causeway" painting.

Original Acrylic on Canvas, 40"x50".

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