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Sanibel Lighthouse Colum Necklace

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Brand new Sanibel Lighthouse column necklace, white topaz accent and paper clip chain.

Hello friends. Haven't we been through a lot lately? The artwork I used for this jewelry line is very personal. It is of the Sanibel Lighthouse. My art gallery 'Rachel Pierce Art Gallery' and home is on Sanibel. My life is on Sanibel, our friends, our kids' school, our grocery store...the list goes on. As you probably, know we were devastated by hurricane Ian the end of Sept. 2022. We sustained major damage to our home, the art gallery is a total loss, but we have hope.

Our Sanibel Lighthouse is the symbol for me. The actual lighthouse survived the storm! A miracle! Isn't that want we all love to hear in the midst of all the destruction, hope, goodwill and a miracle.

I lost almost all my original art and products when Ian hit. I'm lucky to have an amazing business relationship with Evocateur. Over the years that have turned my artwork into wearable art. The money from this sale...well it goes to me, my family of six, to help us rebuild our home and business.

Here's the info on the jewelry that will be directly shipped to you from Evocatuer, since as I write this I can only get to my home and gallery is by boat:

This necklace is available in 17 inch and 30 inch lengths.

22K Gold Leaf, Enamel and Original art- all handmade in Norwalk, Connecticut.

2 week fulfillment as custom made.

Thank you for taking a look and for your support and well wishes. It is all greatly appreciated. -Rachel Pierce

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