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Majestic Heron Original

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The Majestic Blue Heron. If you've ever seen these birds during your time in Sunny Southwest Florida, you'll know that majestic is truly the way to describe them. Whether they're wading looking for a snack, or gliding gracefully through the air, they can capture your attention with their royal demeanor. 

In this Rachel Pierce original painting, a single realistic Heron takes the stage front and center, looking like the true King of any room where this piece hangs. The shore washes in behind the Majesty on its pedestal, featuring shades of deep blues and pops of periwinkle. Pastel shades of beige and white create the sandy shore where the Heron has found a perch. 

Truly one-of-kind, this piece has already been locally custom framed for you in metallic, emphasizing the reflection of the painting throughout the frame itself, creating a unique effect that seems to extend the painting. 

Measuring 49"x49" including the floating frame, this painting can be the focal point of that large wall in your home or office. 

Acrylic on Canvas. Available to view at The Rachel Pierce Art Gallery. 

Call 2392923327 for a private viewing. 

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