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Shop prints, originals and jewelry by Florida artist Rachel Pierce.

Hot Jellies Gold Earrings

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An electric blend of neon orange and cool coastal blue, each of these teardrop pendants is covered in 22K gold leaf and emblazoned with a stunning red-orange jellyfish adrift in an abstract ocean spiked with gold.

• 1.5” teardrop earrings
• 22K gold-plate wire

Made by hand in the USA

Rachel has partnered with ÉVOCATEUR owner Barbara Ross-Innamorati and her team of skilled jewelry artisans to transform some of Rachel’s favorite Florida paintings into exquisite wearable works of art. Combining only the finest materials with impeccable skill in an intricate process lasting five days, each piece of jewelry is gilded in 22K gold leaf or sterling silver leaf, and then burnished by hand.

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